Fotos: Premiere de la pelicula ‘Gun’ con Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) NYILFF

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Jul 30 2010 – Esta vez la premiere de la pelicula GUN del festival de cine latino internacional de HBO (NYILFF) se llevo a cabo en el teatro SVA de la calle 23 en Manhattan. Por donde pasaron personalidades como el Protagonista de la pelicula, Curtis Jackson, mejor conocido como 50 Cent… entre otros como Jessy Terrero, Productor de la pelicula, Dominicano conocido por muchos de sus videos de Aventura, Don Omar, Wisin y Yandel, Sean Paul, Akon, Enrique Iglesia y mas.

Ademas las modelos/actrices Dominicanas Sally Ferreira y Julissa Bermudez, la modelo Boricua Jaslene Gonzalez, y mucha mas celebridades….

Gun Movie Premiere 122
50 Cent y Jessy Terrero

Gun Movie Premiere 109
50 Cent

Gun Movie Premiere 148
Jaslene Gonzalez

Gun Movie Premiere 151
Jaslene Gonzalez y DJ L.Boogs

Gun Movie Premiere 172
Julissa Bermudez
Gun Movie Premiere 173

Gun Movie Premiere 189
Sally Ferreira
Gun Movie Premiere 180

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2 Comments on "Fotos: Premiere de la pelicula ‘Gun’ con Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) NYILFF"

  1. Stephanie says:

    Who is this Sally Ferreira? And does she have any friends? Did she not show this outfit to anyone before she left the house!!!!!!!! Her breasts are like pancakes!!! Can you say “EMERGENCY BREAST LIFT” Disgusting…no problem if she has awful breasts but then dont wear that dress and wear a bra with support to pick up those awful things and a different dress. That dress can only be worn by someone with perky breasts, her breast belong on someone that is 50 or ha 5 kids, regardless big NO NO. Just because it doesnt say perky breasts only on the tag doesnt mean you could wear it! Any person with a little intelligence would know this. Geez…some people really don’t think!! Everyone else looks great especially the girl with jesse terrero and that other girl julissa bermudez look awful with thoe bangs, they make her look 45 and again!!! Red shoes with that dress (purple, magebta, lavendar, whatever…hello does not go with that solid red) Another one with no friends to give her advice, or the right friends? Is she color blind? Who is her stylit? I hope she didnt dress herself, if so someone needs to be giving out fahion tickets!! This is the reason that Latina women have a bad fashion rap! Please girls read a couple of magazines!!! and the random girl on the bottom in the black short dress, stunning!!! The men all look good except the dude with the capris. Good Movie though…and 50 looked awesome.

  2. Susana says:

    Stephanie it seems like u have nothing else to do . You took time too write this I know sally and I can tell you that this top was heavy on top and made her breast look this way it really has nothing to do with her breast unfortunallty there are certain clothing that would make your body look a certain way she does not need a lift that’s for sure. It’s the designer fault for not doing its job this is part of the industry shit like this happen .